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And that’s because of the 2007 Philippines Senatorial Election. It all started when I posted about the senatorial candidates invading Wikipedia and taking their campaign online via other online medium. After that post, my slimstat numbers showed a considerable increase in Hits and actual visits.

Even the search strings as recorded by slimstats show mostly the keywords, senatorial, elections, candidates, and Philippines. And most of the search strings point to the different blog posts I made regarding the Philippines senatorial elections. Looks like, there’s not much resources about the coming Philippine senatorial elections. Considering that a lot of people are searching for names of senatorial candidates and other informations about them. I’m guessing that these searchers are mostly students as well as online voters from Singapore.

So for those who are looking for some useful information regarding the Philippines senatorial candidates, I hope you find the following posts useful:

I’ll try to cover the Philippines senatorial election in the future once I find some useful resources and also when the elections gets more exciting in the coming days.

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