Blogging on a Wireless Connection, WordPress 2.1.2 Upgrade

Excuse me for the excitement. And I know I’m a little too late for this “old technology”. But hey, this is my first time to post on this blog using a wireless connection. Wi-fi baby! Yeah, Here I am, sitting comfortably in a Wi-Fi enabled coffee shop. Blogging my heart out, reading RSS feeds, installing Firefox, while sipping my favorite hot cup of coffee. Good times!

Now enough of my tribulations and let’s continue with my regular blogging.

You’ve probably heard the news, or have read it somewhere, but I’m spreading the word anyway.  has announced a security alert for those who upgraded to 2.1.1 a few days ago. If you’re one of them, better head on to and download the latest release, WordPress 2.1.2. It is a very important upgrade to avoid problems later on.

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