Use the Search Engine and Help Save Child Refugees

I know this is not the best way to promote the use of a search engine, but looking at the underlying worthy cause for such a promotion, that is to help save 9 million child refugees’ lives might be a good reason enough. in cooperation with MSN Live launched a project called Give to ninemillion for every search.

Everytime a user conducts his online search using this special MSN live search portal, Microsoft will contribute to, which is a UN-agency led campaign to help the world’s nine million children refugees. Sounds great, eh? Exactly how much MSN will contribute was not stated however. But I’m guessing its more than enough to raise funds that would support educational and sports program for the children refugees.

A worthy deed for Microsoft and yet, one can’t help but wonder why the need to use their search engine. But then, you got to give it the geniuses at Microsoft for coming out with such a great idea that challenges the moral and emotional side of online users. Who wouldn’t want to use the MSN search live if for every search they make, they knew that some helpless soul would have better lives.

This campaign started last January 17 and would run until March 31, 2007. Is it just me or did this news failed to get ample blog buzz when it began? At any rate, there’s still a month to use the search engine before the campaign ends. I’m sure Google wouldn’t mine if we pass on doing our search on Google even just for a month.

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