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I noticed the Image Wall link at the bottom left portion of the Bloglines windows and was curious enough to click on it since it was tagged as a new features When I clicked on the link, lo and behold the right window pane displayed a graffiti of images with pop-up windows displaying various images that ranges from the artistic to the erotic. I found an interesting image and decided to click on the link.

bloglines_image_wall.jpgThat, in a nutshell is what the bloglines image wall is all about. From the zillions of pages that Bloglines indexes which includes images, the people behind Bloglines decided to gather these images together and present it via the image wall. I’d like to see it as technorati with images instead of tags. Pretty cool feature except for the fact that some lewd (relative to your personal outlook) images are included in the image wall. Since this is a machine generated feature with no human intervention involved, the images that the wall captures are not screened before they are posted on the wall. Thus, you’d see some lewd and explicit images that were posted somewhere on the web popping out of the Bloglines image wall.

To counter this unavoidable circumstances, Bloglines included the following disclaimer page before users can access the image wall:

The Image Wall is comprised of dynamically generated images from user feeds and may contain material of an explicit sexual nature or other adult content.
By clicking “I Agree” below, you agree to the following terms:

  1. You are over the age of 18 and understand that the material included in the Image Wall may involve language, content, images, and themes of an adult or controversial nature.
  2. You understand that the content on the Image Wall does not reflect the views of Bloglines, IAC Search & Media, or its affiliates, and that Bloglines has no obligation to delete content that you may find offensive.
  3. You agree that you will not hold Bloglines, IAC Search & Media, or its affiliates responsible for any materials located on the Image Wall.

Overall, the Bloglines Image Wall is a pretty interesting feature that could serve as a refereshing alternative to other traditional social bookmarking sites.

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