10 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid — John Chow

Dot Com mogul and famous blogger, John Chow posted this ten blogging mistakes and I’m posting it here not only to echo his post but to remind myself as well, to avoid committing the said 10 blogging mistakes.

Here are the 10 blogging mistakes: (I highlighted the ones which I’m guilty of)

  1. Not updating – I used to commit this mistake and I’m on my way to avoiding it since the start of 2007,
  2. Blogging for money – This one was never my intention when I started blogging. But the paid ads opportunities started to come in when this blog’s PR reached 5. Again, I repeat, I am not blogging for money,
  3. Rushing a post – Guilty. But I believe I’m improving and continuously working on it,
  4. Not being personal – I am putting as much of my view as I can in every post that I make,
  5. Being a copycat -Guilty if topic selection is the criteria. But improving on #4 is helping me to avoid this mistake,
  6. Not replying to comments – 50% guilty. I try to reply to comments as much as I could, although some of the comments left on this blog are close ended comments and there is no way I could reply to those comments,
  7. Not giving full RSS feed – Checked!,
  8. Not reaching out to other bloggers – Not guilty your honor,
  9. Writing for Google instead of people – Partially guilty,
  10. Not reading John Chow – Not guilty anymore,
  11. Not identifying a niche – A blog with no niche is like a dead blog, it would take a lot of effort and perseverance to make a no niche blog succeed. If I have defined this blog’s niche a year ago, this blog would have been more successful.
  12. Not developing a catchy tagline – This is in relation to mistake #11. A catchy tagline that speaks about your blog’s niche attracts more attention.

Mistake # 11 and 12 are mine. So, anything more to add to the list?

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