Google News Widgets for your Blogs/Sites

Google AJAX Search API has recently introduced  useful widgets that you can add to your blogs/sites. The widgets displays Google News Headline on any topic you specify on either a horizontal or vertical newsbar.. What’s more? You can add this widget in three simple cut-and-paste steps.

  1. Customize your widget by specifying search terms, choosing horizontal or vertical display, adding a creative title for your news bar,
  2.  Enter the URL of your blog or site,
  3. Generate codes for your news bar,

and presto, you have a Google powered news widget code that you can paste into the html code of your blog or site.

Aside from the news bar headline, you can also use generate a dynamic bookshelf , which you could use to display a list of books search result complete with actual images of the book cover (if available).  This application is very useful for library web sites or blogs to showcase their highly recommended books or even recent acquisitions lists.

For example of this new Google widgets, visit the ASLP online blog (shameless plug!), or create one for your sites.

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  1. I tried using it.Its good but there is one little problem with them.You have to be specific on keywords.Else it doesnt generate accrding to your site.There is one more problem.There is no option of color settings.

  2. Good observation Ashish. I tried looking into the code using the WP theme editor but the only line that says “color” from the code did not have an effect on color settings.

    As to the keywords, you are right. In addition to that, you can not interpolate the keywords.

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