Discover Links to Your Site Via Google Webmaster Central

Webmaster’s Tool of Google Webmaster Central has recently included a new feature which webmasters and blog owners can use to monitor both external and internal links to their site. This tool presents the list of links in a tabular manner which blog masters can view, visit and even download in CSV format.
If you have submitted your blogs or websites at the Webmaster Central, and have verified ownership of these sites, you can view the list by clicking on a verified site at webmaster tool and clicking on the Link tab. It will show you the summary of external and internal links to your site and as well as the different pages and posts on your blog.

This tool is very useful if you are working on search engine optimization and improving  your Alexa and Technorati ranking.

Hats off to Google Webmaster Central for working out this request of most webmaster users.

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