WordPress 2.1 RC1 is now ready for Download

A few days after urging WordPress users to upgrade to WP 2.0.7, WP 2.1 RC1 is now ready for download. Read the official release from from boren.nu and check out the complete list of new features of WordPress 2.1 RC1 here or read there rest of this post for my initial observations while testing it on my other WP installation.

  • Sleek looking Log-in screen. Need I say more?,wp21rc1logo.jpg
  • Faster dashboard – verified. shifting from the dashboard to the other WordPress menus has improved,
  • The WYSYWIG spellchecker is a cool addition but not trend setting though,
  • The upload manager is a winner. Very user-friendly and has automatic link to the upload page when viewing the uploaded image,

These are just some of the major changes in WP 2.1 RC1 that I have noticed while testing the new release. I will test one other feature later on which is the setting of any page as the front page of a blog, and see how it goes.

You know the drill. Back up your database first before uploading the new release. Since this is a major update of WP, backing up your database is a big must. Better yet, test it out first on a test blog and see whether it suits your needs.

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  1. I am mostly worried about the plugin compatibility.It will take a while for the bloggers to shift to 2.1 as there is achange in database design if i am not wrong.When they are ready bloggers will be ready.Have to keep an eye for the list of plugins.

  2. Yes, WP2.1 would require MYSQL version 4 or 5 I think.

    You would be glad to know that some of the most widely used plug ins run well with 2.1.

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