SponsoredReviews is Set to Launch Soon

Here’s another money making opportunity for all you bloggers out there. SponsoredReviews is set to launch in a couple of weeks and they are currently accepting sign-ups already.

SponsoredReviews is somewhat similar to ReviewMe’s scheme, except for two things:

  • bloggers can manually set the price for sponsored reviews that will appear on their respective blogs, with recommendations from SponsoredReview’s automated ranking system, and
  • advertisers can negotiate with bloggers as to their desired pricing scheme if the bloggers price is not amenable to them.

Actually there is another difference. SponsoredReviews’ will send payouts to bloggers via Paypal only. So, that eliminates the hundreds of competent Filipino bloggers and other bloggers who do not have Paypal in their countries.

Tony Hung at BlogHerald has a more extensive insight about SponsoredReviews.

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  1. Hi Arnold,

    Thanks for the post.

    As for the payouts. We will be offering several options besides Paypal. That might not be till our second release though.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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