Age-Relevant Search for Cranky People

After a “people-powered search” engine, comes another specific web search tool, this time targeted for the baby boomers and older – aptly called Cranky This age-relevant search for people 50+ displays results based on the rankings by its editors and members. Users or searchers are also given a facility to rank the site they visited which will then be added to the ranking of Eons’ (Cranky owner).

The Upside of Cranky

Cranky offers a fresher alternative to web search functionality offered by other major search engines who rely so much on numerical algorithms to display search results. If indeed editors and members are 50+ in age and conducts more sophisticated web searches than younger people, then we you assured that you indeed get relevant search results. I don’t know if Eons conducts authentication of new member sign-ups. I would suppose it does since membership to Eons is open only to U.S. residents and a ZIP code is required.

The Downside of Cranky

There was no clear statement from the Cranky site how it comes up with rankings of initial search results which have not been rated yet by editors and members. Certainly not all possible search results or web sites crawled by Cranky has already been rated. According to a report by, Cranky initially ranked the most popular 5000 sites by a group of 500,000 web users whose age rangers from 45+ above. But what happened to the 5001+ sites which were not included? What if a particular search is answered only by a site belonging to the said group.
But anyway, Cranky has just launched a few days ago. We’ll see if the age-specific approach to web search could pull it off ahead of the big G, Y, and M.

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