Shall I Claim this as a Lost TLA Cheque?

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been awaiting the delivery of my second TLA cheque via regular mail. This was how I got my first TLA cheque a few months ago. Usually, TLA cheque arrives 4 weeks from the date it was sent out by the TLA office. I emailed TLA support to ask if my second cheque was sent already and was informed that it was sent November 1. It’s more than a 4 weeks now and my cheque has not arrived yet.

Is it now a case of stolen cheque which is rampant nowadays in Manila post offices? Well, the cheque doesn’t amount to so much Philippine peso but still, it’s a good amount. And I wonder how people who steal this cheque could possible encash it.

Don’t you just wish that paypal Philippines can receive payments as well?

Good thing, my Google pin arrived 4 weeks after it was sent to me.

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