This is Your Usual Blog Anniversary Post

Today,  this blog and the domain turns one year old. I don’t wanna sound too melodramatic and recount what have happened to this blog for the past 365 days, or whether this blog and blogging changed my life (although a lot of things have happened, but I’d rather not disclose them). Nonetheless, here’s a recap of in 2006.

  • 126 blog posts on various topics, mostly about librarianship, but lately more on blog monetization, social networking stuff and other internet thingy,
  • 210 comments from a couple of loyal readers (trans. friends), spammers, occasional visitors from search engine results,
  • 11 categories from the original 6 or 7 categories (hey, my interest is expanding!)
  • 27,618 spams protected by Akismet! (my biggest accomplishment, statistically)
  • Google PR5 from 0
  • Technorati rank of 85,026,
  • Alexa Rank of around 776,000 from the previous 1,000,000. sweet!,
  • a couple of back link exposure from problogger’s group writing projects,
  • 278,782 hits (18,984 of which are unique) as recorded by shortstats plugin,
  • a few hundred bucks earned from paid advertising (not enough to buy a decent laptop or canon DSLR camera though),

Hmmm, what else? I think that pretty much sums up what this blog has accomplished for the past year.
On a personal note, the past year of part time blogging has definitely taught me a lot of things. My writing skills has improved from poor to a less poor level. But hey, I do some free lance content writing jobs and none of my articles have been sent back to me. What else? Technically, I learned a lot about html, css, and php. It’s a must when you want to customize your blog templates. That’s what makes wordpress and blogger a challenge to use aside from being too easy to utilize (whew!).

So, what’s in store for this blog and blogger for the coming year? Here’s my wish list:

  • higher Google PR,
  • more readers and legitimate comments,
  • more paid text links,
  • higher Google adsense earnings,
  • more freelance writing jobs,
  • blog customization job (i almost had it, but the client turned to a competitor due to time differences),
  • paid network blogging gig,
  • a new blog with a niche?
  • new gadgets,

And lastly, thanks to all who visited this blog, who left a comment or two, my few loyal readers, my ardent spammers, my lovely partner (who hasn’t started blogging yet), and my cutey blogging baby daughter, and of course, to my gracious web host sponsor — master yuga himself!

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  1. happy, happy!

    you’ve certainly (l)earned more than me. i’ve been blogging a little longer but still haven’t learned css or php. and of course, i still haven’t earned my second hundred =)

    merry christmas!

  2. Uy, two of my loyal readers. thanks igor.

    Von – that’s what you get when you used wordpress. as for earning my first hundred, hehehe…not yet.

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