5 Reasons Why Filipino Bloggers Will Make it Bigger in 2007

December 20, 2006 at 8:53 am

While everybody else joining Probloggers group writing project on reviews and predictions, are writing on general topics and ideas, let me be regionalistic on my entry for this contest by writing about Filipino bloggers. Why? Because I am a Filipino, a blogger, and hoping to make it big in the blogging world someday. Enough said, here are five reasons/prediction why I think Filipino bloggers will make it bigger in 2007.

1 ) 2006 was a great time for Filipino bloggers whether based in the Philippines or anywhere else. More and more Filipino bloggers have joined the ranks of full time network bloggers in various worldwide blogging networks. The most recent of which was of course the heralding of the Blog Herald by none other than top Filipino Pro-bloggers Abe Olandres and J. Angelo Racoma.

2) More and more Filipino blogs are being cited either as sources of gossip, relevant news, insider reports, or opinions that matter, by the more established news agencies and web sites.

3) More and more Filipino non-probloggers are registering and opening an account with Blogger.com. Be it a personal blog, a corporate blog, an association blog, a baby blog or what-have-yous, there’s even a pinoy chicken blog. There’s no doubt that, Filipinos are so much into blogging. The good thing is, most of the more prolific Filipino bloggers started out with a Blogspot account. And most of them are currently successful bloggers in their chosen niche.

4) Blogging will become a subject study of IT courses in Philippines schools, topics of IT related seminar and workshops, or perhaps even a blogging law will be enacted in the Philippine Senate.

5) The Philippine president will have her own blog and it will have a Google PR8, will be the most favorited blog at Technorati, and will have an Alexa Rank of less than 100. Because of this, the president will designate a national blogger’s day sometime during the year. It will be a national non-working holiday for the whole Philippine archipelago. Who knows?, the president might create a Blogging Commission and Abe Olandres might be appointed as its top honcho.

There you have it. The top five reasons why Filipino bloggers will make it big in 2007. 1-3 of course are legitimate and serious reasons. As for the last part of item number 4 and number five, you should get a life if you think that I’m serious about it.

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