Increasing Blog Hits as Seen on WP-Shortstat Plugin

I’ve been observing the behaviour of my installed WP-shortstat plugin this past couple of days since I noticed that there has been a considerable increase in the hit counts. A couple of months ago, this hits stat averages around 1K daily.But the past couple of days, this average hit stat had increased!


Wow! Is this true or is this your usual holiday spam floods attack?

Comparing the figures for December 13 as recorded in awstats, I’ve got around 3300 hits while from the figure above you can see that it already hit the 5000+ mark.

Anybody can explain this to me?  I would gladly appreciate it. I want to know if these are real hits or a case of some spam robots leeching my bandwidth for this domain.

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  1. Maybe you’re just getting more traffic. I’ve found my way in here a couple of times recently and I’ve enjoyed it enough to return.

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