Road Trip to Zoobic with an Encounter with an Arrogant Traffic Enforcer

Just came back from a two-day R and R at Subic Bay Freeport in Olongapo City to check out Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure. We booked at Zoobic Safari Lodge (aka Crown Peak) for an overnight stay. It was a good break despite the bad weather due to typhoon Reming.


Ocean Adventure’s Sea Lion and Dolphin Show was entertaining while the Zoobic Safari was not that great. The area was badly damaged by typhoon Milenio leaving with several uprooted trees and some animals escaping from their captivity. The tigers did not pay much attention to our visit since we opted not to bring dressed chicken for their snack (that costs P250!). Even the 100+ crocodiles in Zoobic’s Croco Loco snubbed us and just went on with their afternoon siesta. Sorry crocs, I couldn’t bear to see you slaughter those chickens even if they are already dressed.

Over all, the two day vacation was a good one, if not for some crocodiles we encountered right after exiting the North Luzon Expressway and just when we were approaching the Balintawak interchange yesterday afternoon. Me and my love one forgot that it was a Tuesday afternoon and that our car’s plate number ends in 4 (color coding violation). Like the crocodiles and tigers in Zoobic, I refused to give the Metro Manila crocodile in uniform, what he was asking for because he was raising his voice when he apprehended me. Well, at least the crocodiles and tigers in Zoobic did not raised their voice when they found out that I have no chickens.

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