MSN Live’s Answer to Google Books

MSN’s Live Search Books has been released in beta version. The Live Search Books portal is a pretty simple interface with a simple blurb and the MSN live search box. From the MSN Live Search Weblog:

This release makes tens of thousands of out-of-copyright books available from our library scanning initiative, including books from the University of California, the University of Toronto, and the British Library. In addition, we are announcing new partnerships with the New York Public Library and the American Museum of Veterinary Medicine.

I was trying out a few searches to see how the Live Search results looks like. Once you click on a search result, you will be redirected to a new screen (loading takes some time), where a scanned image of the actual book is displayed side by side with links to specific parts of the book where the search term you used was cited. You can also download free-from-copyright books in PDF format. What else? Actually, that’s all that you can pretty much do with the results of the MSN Live Search Books. Yes it’s very clean, compared to Google’s Book Search.

So, it’s up to you which one you prefer. The more detailed presentation of Google Book Search or the more simple presentation of MSN Live Search Books.  But of course, coverage is pretty much different. So, might as well check out both.

Heads up to Igor for posting this at the Filipino Librarians Group.

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  1. It works now! Astig! 😀 Last I checked di pa, but when you posted I checked again and it works! Pang-reference service ‘to. 😀

  2. hehehe. Because it was released in beta the day after you checked it out. Yeah, I hope our fellow librarians will be able to maximize this tool.

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