Christmas Gadget Wish List

Christmas is a few days away and what a better time to post my Christmas Gadget Wish List but now. These items are very basic tools for other bloggers and you’d be suprised to find out that I still don’t have those items despite blogging for a year now. Yes, I am an impoverished blogger.

  1. Canon DSLR Camera – Yes, I’ve been drooling over this for a couple of months now, whenever I see one on display at the mall. This was heightened when Karla acquired her own. It’s currently priced at around P45K ($900) in the local market, with options for 0% installment payment. This would be perfect for pinoytravel blogging.
  2. Sony Playstation 3 – Yeah, yeah I know. Market trends and report have been reporting that Nintendo’s Wii beats the PS3 big time. But then, I’ve been a playstation user for several years now. And not even Nintendo’s Wii remote game controller can make me think of shifting to Nintendo.
  3. Sony Ericsson 3G phone – To replace my trusty Sony Ericsson K750i. A 3G enabled mobile phone lessen my phone bills when surfing the net using my Globe postpaid line. A K608i would be good enough for my need. I don’t need a high-res camera phone anyway.
  4. Laptop – Ok. I’ve been saving up for this. But it’s taking me so long (here’s wishing for more online gigs!). A low-end unit would be enough to support my blogging activities at home.
  5. My PLDT DSL subscription – This should follow once I have my own rig at home.

Actually, the last two are must have. Come January, when I transfer to the house I’m building, I would have my own rig with non-stop internet connection at home for more blogging and writing activities.

Surveying market prices of the above items, my estimate ranges around P120-P150K ($2,400-$3000). That’s a lot of money and that’s why the list is called a wish list, it may either come true or remain a wish.

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  1. Same wishlist tayo pare from 1 to 4. PhP45K na lang Canon? Yey! When I looked at those last year PhP52 – 56K pa, body lang. Cguro bumaba nung naglabasan yung mga 30D at 5D(?). PS3 pinagiisipan ko pa, bka PSP or hintayin ko na lang PSP2 or mag-Archos na lang ako kasi mas madalas media viewing kesa gameplay me. 😀 Found an ASUS v80, PhP10k lang but media capable and 2M cam pa. I might go with that na lang, mahal nung mga SE at Nokia, e. 😀 (Saka na ako maglalaptop, O_o;;)

  2. Igor, that Canon DSLR is probably at the lowest end. :-). I don’t want to buy a PSP because your inaanak might just get it from me. 🙂 SE K608i is a pretty decent 3G low end unit. I want to trade my k750i but it has a camera defect already. Laptop or Desktop is a must have for all of use full or part time bloggers. 🙂

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