4GB of Zooomr Pro Account for Free

Zooomr, another photo sharing and social networking applications is giving away free upgrade into their PRO account. Zooomr PRO account lets you upload 4GB of photos per month with unlimited storage capability. Yes, that’s a whooping 4GB of photos monthly!Zooomr has all the nifty featuers of your favorite photo sharing and social networking applications such as:

  • social tagging of individual pictures,
  • share photos to friends and relatives or to the entire world,
  • upload photos via mobile cameraphone,
  • rss and trackbacks for individual uploaded photos,

Additionally Zooomr has the following features:

  • add sound to individual photos via Zooomrstation,
  • view individual photos using Lightbox,
  • localized version of Zooomr in different languages (no Filipino yet),
  • view actual Geo maps of uploaded photos,
  • and many more features that you can’t find from other photo sharing sites (sounds like an advertisement)

There are other features of Zooomr and I bet there would be more. But the important thing is of course, the 4GB upload limit per month free, beats the flick with the r big time.

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