5 Reasons Why PS3 Would Win Over Wii

The whole console gaming community are going gaga over the head to head battle between the Next Generation Gaming Consoles. Just go to digg and see how many digg stories are about Sony’s PS3 and Nintendo’s Wii. Looks like Wii is gaining more head up points against PS3. But here in the Philippines, I don’t think Filipino gamers would prefer Wii over PS3. I could think of 5 reasons why PS3 would be preferred by Pinoy gamers rather than Wii.

  1. There were more PS1 and PS2 sold than Nintendo’s 1st and second generation consoles (how are they called again?, I can’t even remember). And Pinoys are overly fond of completing anything in a series. So expect PS1 and PS2 owners to buy the PS3 to complete their Playstation trilogy collection
  2. The next Final Fantasy game, (if ever there will be one) maybe released on PS3 and definitely not in Wii. FF games is very popular among Pinoy gamers.
  3. Similarly, Pinoys would be anticipating the next Boxing game to be released for PS3 which would likely include Pinoy boxing hero Manny Pacquiao. Many Pinoy gamers would love to repeat the Pacquiao-Morales fight in their PS3 consoles,
  4. PS3 is easier to pronounce than Wii. The uncertainty in how to properly pronounce Wii might turn Pinoy gamers to buy PS3 instead,
  5. And the top reason why, Pinoys would prefer Wii over PS3? Hmmm, i’d rather not post it here. Just visit your favorite local video game stores. The ones not located in the malls but those located in Greenhills, Makati Cinema Square or St. Francis Square

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  1. this article is way old and the wii is totally dominating the PS3!
    I mean seriously dominating it!
    PS3 is failing in sales while the you can’t even find a Wii in stores now.

    Plus the Wii is just much more funner.

  2. I believe people born after 1983 shouldnt be playing video games , case in point , the Wii . I got the PS3 for superior graphics and durabilty compared to the 360 and Wii .

    Wii is intended for children,ladies and old people .
    A lot of graphically intensive games are coming out in the end of the year for the PS3 and 360 , it makes me laugh when folks are complaining why is Call of Duty 4 not ported over the Wii .

  3. FYI, FF XIII will also be released on the 360.
    But the PS3 has some Award Winning Games {Upcoming} like:

    Resistance 2 – Best Online Game, Best FPS
    Killzone 2 – Best Graphics
    Flower – Most Original Game
    Fat Princess – Best Strategy Game
    LittleBigPlanet – Most Innovative
    Motorstorm 2 : Pacific Rift – Best Driving game

    Cool upcoming titles:

    FF XIII Versus
    God of War III
    BioShock {I can’t believe it either}

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