Google Co-op Custom Search Engine for Librarians

The Filipino Librarian has an interesting post about LISZEN, which is actually an application of Google Co-op, or the Google Custom Search Engine which was launched a couple of weeks ago. Yuga tested it a couple of weeks ago with his Yugatech Search.

I didn’t give it much attention though, since I was too busy with a lot of things. It was only a few days later that I realized that Google Co-op could be a good tool for libraries and librarians. Since, librarians, have been compiling links of useful sites and disseminating this to their user by providing a tedious listing of library links, they could just use Google Co-op to create their own customized search engine for all the library links they have compiled through the years.

Creating your own personal search engine using Google Co-op is easy as creating your first web-based email account. You just specify your search engine settings (search engine name, description, search engine keywords, and the sites that Google would search). After setting your search engine up, get the code for the search box and put it in your site.

Now, here is an application of Google Co-op for Filipino librarians’ blogs and sites. The Pinoy Library Search Engine:

You may want to try using the Pinoy Library SE here.

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