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ReviewMe is the latest pay-per-post services that come out of the online publishing and advertising community. ReviewMe provides publishers an avenue to advertise their online products and services by full coverage reviews on a particular blog unlike paid advertising such as Adsense. For bloggers, ReviewMe offers a way to monetize their blogs by posting/writing reviews of ReviewMe’s partner advertisers. < ![endif]-->There are four reasons why ReviewMe would be beneficial for advertisers gain online leverage and promotion for their products and services.

1) Online reviews are posted on individual blogs of ReviewMe’s member bloggers. Advertisers have the choice which site or blog they would want their products and services be reviewed. ReviewMe’s stable of bloggers have blogs ranging from the most highly rated blogs to the more unknown ones. Thus, publishers determine the success of their own advertising campaigns.

2) Advertisers have the option to have their products and services Reviewed even at the start-up or planning/testing/beta stage. So, product/service awareness is already established even before a product is launched.

3.) Since ReviewMe’s ads are in the form of a review article, bloggers give thorough attention and evaluation to their advertisers’ products as compared to brief one-liner description of traditional online advertising channel.

4.) ReviewMe bloggers are given the option to review only products that interest them. So advertisers are assured of high quality reviews to appear on blogs relevant to their line of products.

For bloggers, ReviewMe is another way to monetize their existing blogs. They can register up to six blogs. Be warned though that not all blogs are accepted by ReviewMe’s system when they register. Some metrics automatically checks their blogs’ status in terms of aggregates of Alexa Rank, Technorati ranks and Link relevance. So, what makes ReviewMe different from all the money making ventures for bloggers’ blogs? I would say two things. One ReviewMe’s system of posting product and services reviews on bloggers’ blog eliminates the notion that their blog is being run for monetary purposes only. Traditional paid advertising through contextual ad links especially if they are too much on a blog sites easily turns off readers. With ReviewMe’s system, only reviews that are relevant to one’s site are posted on one’s blog. Thus, it does not interfere with the blog’s niche content. Second, ReviewMe’s reviews do not interfere with the blog’s own theme and design. It does not require additional space on one’s sidebar, header or footer. Thus, bloggers preserve the aesthetic beauty of their blog’s design.

Currently, the only available assignment at ReviewMe is its review ReviewMe gig. A launching promotion for ReviewMe which assigns newly registered members to post a sponsored posts like this one to their blogs, reviewing, what else but ReviewMe.

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  1. Hi Colleen. I checked out Blogitive. Seems a good way of making money for your blog posts. I would love to try it but unfortunately, they only pay through paypal, and unfortunately again, we don’t have a paypal Philippines as of yet.

    But thanks for the info.

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