Personalize Your Bloglines’ Feeds Through Playlists

For Bloglines users, you may have noticed an additional tab on the left side of your bloglines screen–the playlists button. This playlist tab is the recent addition to the Bloglines features which enables users to organize their feeds in small groups.


Bloglines playlist is just like your favorite songs on your MP3 library, labeled in whatever way you want. What’s good about this playlist is another Bloglines feature called Glimpse. Glimpse displays the first five postings of each feed on your playlist. It even displays the first few lines of the feed’s post when you put your mouse over the feed display.


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  1. Me recuerda el nombre de un blog: Curioso pero Inutil. Por ahora, claro.

    Reminds me the name of a blog: Curious but Useless. For now, obviously.

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