Shelfari: Another One of Them Social Networking Tools

After LibraryThing now comes Shelfari, another one of them social networking tools/web 2.0 applications technology. Shelfari let its members, called shelfarians (go figure), to show off their personal book collection via a virtual shelf.Shelfarians can share their virtual book collection with friends and other shelfarians. They can write their own reviews and read the reviews of other shelfarians for books they read. Shelfari is still in beta stage and is available to use without restrictions in the number of books you can include your virtual shelf (compared to LibraryThing’s limit of 200 books for free usage). If it remains a free membership site without restrictions, it might gain more following and users than LibraryThing.

Shelfari is tied up with, so each book you upload has a link to the Amazon site for that book inventory.

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