Text-Link-Ads goes Feedvertising

Text Link Ads finally made an official announcement regarding its Feedvertising scheme. Really simple RSS advertising is what its name says. That is running ads through your RSS feeds. What is good about this system is that you can run paid text link ads or your own private ads or ads of your affiliates. Sounds cool eh?For existing members of TLA publishing program, you will have to download the latest TLA plug-ins and install it in your site. Feedvertising is available only for WordPress 2.0 + powered blogs. TLA has a demo video to explain further about the benefits of the new scheme. You can create your feedvertising account here.
I have yet to see how the ads would appear on my RSS feeds as this is my first post after running feedvertising here on my blog.

Let’s see if this would add some moolah into this blogger’s bank  account in the near future.

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