On Personal Blogs and Building a House

The beauty of having a personal blog without a niche is that you can write about almost anything that you fancy. It’s up to you, how you are going to attract readers’ attention and interest enough to make them come back and read your blog regularly. Well, in the case of this blog, this may not have its share of loyal readers, but still, it gets considerable hits from various search engines and blog directories from time to time.

With that said, let me post something about a personal experience that recently happened to yours truly, in my desire to have my own house constructed. Let me tell you, that buying a lot entails a lot of hardwork, patience and most importantly money.

My ordeal started a few months back when I applied for a housing a loan in our office financing program after a colleague referred a lot for sale in their subdivision.I checked the place and it was quite good (peaceful and environmentally clean) as compared to posh subdivisions in Metro Manila being developed by big real estate developers.

Before submitting the loan applications, I needed to gather some documents first. It was my first time to encounter terms such as vicinity map certified by a geodetic engineer, building plan signed by a civil engineer, deed of conditional sale, transfer certificate of title, etc.

While, preparing those documents, I scouted for a building contractor on the net and found three companies with their own websites. Jao Builders, Vazbuilt and Geaunt. The first two companies are the more famous ones, but at the same time too pricey for my budget, as compared to the third one. So, I opted for Geaunt and enlisted their services.

A few months after, I got the TCT of the land I’m buying transferred into my name. The Bureau of Internal Revenue took almost a month to process my documents (payment of documentary stamp taxes and capital gains tax), until I got a clearance. Then it was time to bring the documents to the Bureau of Registry for the transfer of the TCT under my name.

All in all, I filed my loan application sometime around June. And as of to date, the construction of my dream has not started yet. Hopefully, I would get the building permit and construction will begin by next week.

That is after I pay some other major fees, such as water connection, electricity connection, barangay clearances, etc.
As of today, my calculations of expenses for pre-construction has totalled almost 150 thousand pesos already.

Whew! I was not expecting to spend that much, considering that I filed for a loan.

My advice to others who are in the planning stage of building their dream house: prepare a good amount of money for unnecessary expenses you might incur that are not covered by the loan you are applying for.

Hopefully, by December, I would be living in my own house and would bid goodbye to my renting days! Wish me luck.

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  1. Natapos na ang gawa ng JAO na bahay na pinagawa ko sa kanila. Na-impress ako sa opisina nila, at sa kanilang mga sales agents, pero parang hanggang duon lang sila. Mukhang maganda naman ang kanilang finishing, ung panlabas lang, pero yung mga hindi nakikita…. yung pundasyon, yung mga poste at biga na, mga tubo ng para pang-ulan, sewer at tubig, at yung mga tubo para sa kuryente, at linya mismo ng kuryente, yung roofing / bubong, alulod…. doon na… doon nagkakaproblema. Hindi pulido, madumi, kaya siguradong may back-jobs …. tumutulong bubong, may mga leak na tubo, baradong banyo…. doon na nadadale. responsive naman sila sa pag-attend ng back-job…. pero sayang, hindi pa rin sila talaga pulido gumawa, pero at least, yung panlabas, pag-pintura, pag-palitada, yung karpintero ng mga cabinets, magagaling naman. ang pinakaka-takot lang is bumigay ang bahay na gawa nila, kapag nagka-earthquake dahil hindi maayos, hindi pulido na paggawa ng mga poste, pundasyon at mga biga. sa mga nag-iisip na kumuha sa JAO, siguro dapat nyo tutukan mismo, ang pag-gawa, wag iiwan lang sa kanila.

  2. I would just like to say, that, so far, I have been impressed with the professionalism of their company. Specifically, at this point, the Sales & Marketing side of it. Out of all the Philippine-based home builders, your website is one of the best, I would say. The chat-line and the do-it-on-your-own costing (where you can choose the pre-designed models and you could choose the options and then it showed the estimated cost) was very helpful.

    It was also a very good decision to accommodate clients on a Sunday. For working professionals like us, Sunday is sometimes the only day left to do for things like house-hunting or shopping. Also, the traffic on a Sunday is a lot more bearable than on a weekday or a Saturday.The sales & marketing credentials, like the folder that came with the sales quotation, is also good. Little things like this can show how (professional) and how your company value the services that you offer to your clients.

    The sales quotation too was good. It is organized, and more or less complete as to what the client will be looking for (like the options, the upgrades, and how much they would cost, payment schedule, etc.)

    I also appreciated that a JAO team went to the project site first, and checked out the place. Not all contractors do that without first closing a deal.

    At this point, early in the process of Sales, the only area for improvement I can think of right now is in the finalization of the floor plan / structure of the house needed for the quotation (for custom-designed houses):

    I think that it will save some effort (of those making the costing of the project, and those that actually make the sales quotation) to perhaps, finalize first the plan with the client, before making the sales quote/costing? It might save some effort of those making the project costing/quotation.

    But for the client, it is good to always see the cost at each revision. In any case, so far, I have no complaints with this, as the JAO team I am working with has been very accomodating and patient, which is very important. (A regular client will probably build a house, only once or twice in his lifetime, so they would want it to be (perfect). And thus, for a company like JAO, referrals of previous clients is very important. Repeat clients may not be so common, unlike in a restaurant business.)

    In terms of how (affordable) a JAO-built house is, based on this experience and so far, from the quotes, as I have mentioned na rin, JAO is a little bit on the higher-end price. BUT nothing outrageously high, but if this is what it will take to have a (peace-of-mind) and a less-headache, less-hassle house-bulding process, and ultimately, IF it will lead to a (pulido) and (high-quality) craftsmanship of the end product, it will probably be reasonable already and worth it.

    And hopefully, if and when, that is what would happen to my project. I guess we will just have to find out, if the level of professionalism in the Sales/Marketing side of your company, will also translate to the actual project execution, and produce a high-quality finished product and services (including after-sales services).

    Speaking of quality, perhaps your company can try to go for ISO certification or any Quality-certifications. This would really help differentiate JAO from the other home builders, if you can get your company certified for Quality processes/product. In terms of your competitors, I think none of them has any ISO/quality certifications. Getting that certification is not that expensive.

  3. I can recommend JAO Builders for the Best Home Builder in the Philippines..All the features of our dream house came true..If i were to build one house again, I will defenitely choose JAO to build it for me…I never had a problem with them since day one..the house consultants are very accommodating and they also have a 24 hours online chat that you can easily get in touch with them…They also do the building permits, and some documentations which a big help for a busy person like me..ONE-STOP-SHOP!!!..buti na lang may JAO..I will recommend JAO Builders to anyone who are planning to build their dream house.

  4. Building your dream house can be quite tricky. There are so many contractors out there but you can’t decide whether you go for this one or the other. Personally, the most important thing to do is to know their track record. This would give you first hand information about the company itself, how they do their business. You must visit their office to discuss how to go about building your dream home.

    I have visited JAO Builders just last week and talked to one of them, since I am also planning to build my house in the coming months. It was a pleasant experience for somebody who doesn’t have any expertise in construction, but there is somebody who is willing to help.

  5. As I have experienced with JAO Builders they have many ongoing projects now, I saw 2 of them and I was really impressed. Also they are the only contractor who has satellite offices, I feel comfortable in dealing with them coz I know my dream house will be finished, just like my friend’s house who’s a JAO client before.

  6. Nung May I visit JAO builders sa Pampanga, tumitingin na kasi ako ng contractor na gagawa sa bahay na gusto ko pero nagaalangan ako kasi baka may babayaran agad ako, gaya nung isang nirecommend sakin nang kaibigan ko, gusto nya magbigay muna ako ng 40,000 para sa drawing na ibibigay nya sakin. So I refuse his offer. Pero sa JAO nung nagtanong ako sa isang sales agent nila, he told me na Free Design sila kaya nung naguusap na kami, he convinced me to come again together with my documents para masimulan na plano para sa bahay na gusto ko.
    Maayos naman sila, concrete type sila gumawa tapos may assistance pa sa loan kaya convincing na hindi na ako mahihirapan magasikaso ng mga papeles sa banko.

  7. As far as what i have read from the newspaper,from their website and here, i do know there are some complaints,some very well satisfied clients as per their testimonials. These comments means that no one is perfect, we will encounter almost everything during the construction but what i do know is that JAO Builders do have the Customer Service Department that is always ready to check all your complaints and do something about it. For Jao, i do hope that focusing on the same complaints in different clients will help you to improve and make a good progress in the future. 🙂

  8. I was recommended this website by way of my cousin. I am not certain whether or not this put up is written by means of him as nobody else understand such
    exact about my trouble. You’re incredible! Thanks!

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