How not to Ruin Your Day While Driving to Work (The Philippine Connection)

This post aside from being an entry to probloggers group writing project is also dedicated to my fellow 8-5 employees who go through to the ordeal of getting to their work not only on time but safe and sound as well, 5 days a week. Specifically folks, who traverse the long strecth of EDSA (the Philippine capital city’s premier national road), on their way to their offices mostly located in the northern part of Metro Manila, Philippines. Here are 5 ways of not ruining your day due to erring bus drivers and other public transportation drivers.

1. Fill up you stomach before leaving your home. Driving on an empty stomach would not do you any good and would only contribute to building up your anger when confronted with bus drivers who has this belief that they own the road.

2. Load your favorite calming music into your car’s cd/mp3 player or tune in to any radio program that provides soothing music. This will set your mind at ease, gives you a positive aura and relaxes your senses.. Very helpful in dealing with stressful traffic situation due to bus drivers.

Enough with the preparation on your part. It’s time to face the reality. The previous two tips, would not prevent bus drivers from ruining your otherwise peaceful drive to work. There’s a slim chance that you won’t encounter bus drivers, who suddenly cut through corners and stop just because they see a passenger waving their hands to signal that they want to ride the bus. Or two bus drivers racing towards a corner with lots of passengers waiting to take a bus ride! But before you plunge into a pit of anger and frustrations.

3. Relax, take a deep breath and smile.

4. Stop your car near the bus driver, blow your car horn, and wave at the bus driver.

5. If you can’t help but say something, praise the driver instead of cursing him.

Do those three tips the next time you encounter another erring bus driver somewhere along the way, until you’ve reached your place of work….safe and sound.

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  1. Jersey Girl – yup, nothing beat the power of music to calm us down. 🙂

    Matt – How I wish I could live in a rural area also. Thanks for dropping by.

    MamaDuck – I’ve never been to the US, but I heard traffic conditions in some cities were as bad as Manila.

  2. Thanks for visiting anna. Actually, EDSA traffic nowadays is a bit better (except Mondays) or maybe I just got used to it.

  3. It also pays to have someone you like/love in the car and have interesting conversations as the vehicle crawls through EDSA’s daily massive traffic jam.

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