Where are thou PLAI?

This post is addressed to my colleagues who read this blog regularly, who happen to see this blog while google searching, or via whatever means that directed you into this blog. I have just one simple question, but a relevant one I supposed. Does the mother association of Filipino librarians, the Philippine Librarians’  Association, Inc. (PLAI)  have it’s own website? If it does have one, and you know it’s URL, please feel free to leave a comment to this post. I’ve been searching Google for “philippine librarian’s association” and the top ten results do not in point to a PLAI website. In fact, the first result for that search strings is the PAARL website hosted on Dela Salle University’s domain.

So, can anybody shed light on this question? Does PLAI have it’s own website? If it doesn’t have one, isn’t it about time that the PLAI Officers think of creating a website for the association. Of course, I don’t have to discuss the benefits of having a PLAI website of our own, especially in this day and age. I would volunteer to help on the technical aside (again, as always).

Update 1 : I checked the availability of plai.org and yes it’s still available. PLAI.com is already taken.

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