Online Petition to Save the La Mesa Dam

The 59-hectare portion of the La Mesa reservoir is being threatened by a residential housing project. This project may jeopardized Metro Manila’s water supply, as well as endanger the La Mesa habitat. Join the Save the La Mesa Movement by signing the online petition.But when you do sign, please indicate your real name and don’t just sign anonymously to make the petition more reliable. As of to date, there are around 3250 signatories, including those signed anonymously.

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  1. HI! I’m from UP-Manila. My class in Natsci5- Environmental Biology is going to have a campaign to save the La Mesa watershed as part of our student advocacy project. We hope it would help the people be aware of the situation. =)

  2. Margarette, I hope so to. I received a text from somebody who read this blog asking if there is a way to put up a petition/signature campaign other than the online one. If she reads this comment, maybe she can contact you.

  3. lets save the lamesa watershed to help keep our children have a clean water to drink.

  4. fresh air & clean water, who would not want that? don’t let billions of people suffer over 1,000 beneficiaries. save la mesa dam.

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