The Cheque that blogging paid

I got my first ever US$ cheque since I started blogging and implementing paid ads on my blog. My earnings from Text Link Ads for June and July just arrived yesterday, right in my doorstep. Yey! It’s not much as compared to the earnings of big time probloggers such as Yuga and Macalua. But it still is enough to make my day yesterday.


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Text Link Ads

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  1. Hi, if it’s in $, I think you need a dollar savings account to encash it. If it’s in peso, just deposit it to your peso bank account like you would any local check.

  2. Hey Marc thanks! Yup, it’s in $. I already made arrangements with a Citibank branch. They would accept the cheque as soon as I open a dollar account.

  3. Hi,
    I stay in bangalore india. even i got my first check from widgetbucks but i dont have any dollar account or even the local bank account so i would like to know how to encash my dollar check and also create the dollar account.
    Plz reply…

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