Blogger Back in Beta?

Finally, a much needed improvement in the most famous free blogging flatform, Blogger.Blogger beta features include,


Unfortunately only selected existing bloggers can test the new beta system with their current blog. But if you can’t wait for Blogger to enable others to swith to the new Beta system, just create a new account. You may use your Google account to sign-up for a new Blogger account.

So what can I say with the Blogger beta? LABELS or categories in WordPress is a much delayed feature. Blogger would have retain a lot of big time bloggers if this has been implemented a long time ago. But there’s always a time to go back to Blogger!

The “mouse-enabled” appearance editing is a nifty improvement. Very useful for Blogger users who up to know have not found their way around HTML and CSS to customize their blogs. But for those who are already adept with HTML and CSS, this feature would not be that important anymore.

I have yet to try the other feature.

Overall, these two improvements is much needed if wants to retain it’s supremacy in free blog hosting.

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