The Car that Blogging Bought – Pinoy version

Now, this is something to inspire us all, especially Pinoy bloggers. Look at the car that blogging bought Yuga, the Pinoy blog guru. This is aside from the Canon EOS 350D  that his photo blog earnings bought him recently.Isn’t that inspiring? Got to think of a profitable niche for this blog. Who knows, someday I might post something like, the house that blogging bought. Wishing!

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  1. if they can earn on blogging, why can’t we? with these developments, i became more serious on earning money thru Google Adsense. ang galing talaga! i even put up a new blog para maipost ang aking mga natututunan.

  2. Blogoptimizer- Of course we can. It’s just a matter of finding and employing the right technique. Kumikita rin naman ako. Barya nga lang. hehehe

  3. DSLR canon eos 350 D become very popular camera for blogger or online earner, after camera, car is usually sought. Yuga’s car .. a mitsubishi lancer is a very fast car i suppose, indeed that’s the best car in the range, for performance. Coincidently, I bought Mitsubishi lancer too, from AdSense earning.

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