Superman Saves Manila!

snapper1152155232279.png style=For those who have seen the latest reincarnation of the Superman movie franchise (who hasn’t seen it anyway?), I don’t know if you have heard one of the news reports identifying Manila as one of the areas that Superman saved?

Anyway, speaking of the movie, contrary to what others who have seen it say that the movie was not that really good, I actually enjoyed this version from Bryan Singer. Of course, nothing beats the original for sentimental purposes. But then, as an entertaining movie, Superman Returns indeed entertained me well.

And there are many reasons why aside from a better and younger looking Lois Lane. Special effects, comic relief (courtesy of the bad guys), dramatic and human touch, flying sequences and of course Lex Luthor, as portrayed sweetly by Kevin Spacey.

What really made this movie tick is the fact that it does not thrive to excel or surpass other superhero movies. Bryan Singer successfully created a starting point for more superman movies to come. He just wanted to create a vehicle for the man of steel’s comeback into the Holywood scene. And he did perfectly. I would definitely like to find out more about Superman’s kid, how Lex Luthor and Kitty gets out of the island, whether Lois marries Richard among other things which Bryan Singer suggested in this movie.

Overall, Superman Returns is still an entertaining movie to watch. It is definitely better than those movies which stars talking cars and animals.

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  1. I also enjoyed the special effects, though some said it’s more of a chick flick. May question ako: magkano kaya phone bill ni Superman at tinakasan na lang nya? hehehe

    Speaking of saving, you still have some things at the apartment. Plates, a gadget thingy, a couple of wine bottles, plastic container. Will you be able to pick these up within the week?

  2. Bryan Singer (the director) just put some human touch into the storyline. yung phone bill, I didn’t quite catch that. hehehe

    My things, hmmmm…I’ll see if I can drop by on this Sunday…=)

  3. phone bill … bwehehehe. I meant hospital bill! Siguro iniisip ko yung phone bill ko when I made my comment.

    Nasa Baguio ako sa Sunday e. What about Saturday late afternoon?

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