iBlog2: 2nd Philippine Blogging Summit

The second Philippine Blogging Summit is happening on April 18, 2006 at the U.P. College of Law, Quezon City. Online registration for the iBlog2 is ongoing. Almost all of the bigwigs of Philippine blogging arena will be there to share their expertise and experiences in blogging. Good luck to  Zarah who will be delivering a talk on  blogging as a tool for teaching.

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  1. arnold, thanks 🙂 though i’m no bigwig when ir comes to blogging. i don’t even come close to sassy lawyer. but i believe i have something to say so, there.

  2. Yes, see you on April 18 Ms. Janette.

    Zarah, you definitely have something to say, and I will be there to hear it. 🙂

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