Blogging 101 for Librarians and a Brief Consal 13 Experience

How do you make a group of librarians attending an international conference appreciate blogging and some of its aspects? Von was able to do that this morning when he delivered a lecture on Blogging 101 for Librarians in one of the sessions at Consal 13. Von tackled the subject of blogging like a problogger. It was like simplifying an already simple concept. Actually, I didn’t know that a lecture on blogging could be quite interesting. I just hope that those who attended the session learned something from the topic and would think of ways to utilize the blogging technology on further improving their library services and not just to start a personal blog (like me!).

Going back to Von’s presentation. All I can say is that it was a good one, though a lot can be improved in terms of topic coverage. He mentioned about Technorati though he didn’t mentioned much about the benefits of tagging and social networking. This one are is where librarians can focus on once they get into the blogging sphere.

As for my brief CONSAL 13 experience, well as what happens during conferences like this, it was nice to see some old faces of your friends, colleagues, past teachers, past co-workers after many years of being out-of-circulation in the Philippine library scene.

And thanks Von for mentioning this blog as one of the examples of blograrians on the web. Though I don’t write much about Philippine librarianship nowadays.

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