The ASLP weblog/website is now up and running, and they will be sponsoring an ICT Seminar on April 26. Meanwhile, the UPLSAA will be having its 56th General Assembly on March 25 2006. If you are an alumna of the U.P. Institute of Library Science, you might want to attend. Details of the said assembly is available the UPLSAA blog. In line with this, the Association is holding an election for the next Executive Board. Yours truly is among the candidates.
Finally, it’s several days more till the CONSAL in Shangri-La Hotel. I’m still thinking whether to attend or not. The topics are not that interesting in my personal opinion. Except for Von’s topic on Blogging 101. But, this is just a once in a lifetime experience. To attend or not to attend. hmmm.

And yes, my photo essay is up and running as well. I’ve uploaded some nice pictures I took from the past.

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