Small Project

The past couple of days on my free time, I’ve been working on a small and simple project at ASLP’s website. I registered for a free account at, a free hosting site for Filipino websites. The ASLP website is a simple exercise on hard coding via HTML. Much as I wanted to use WordPress to manage the Association’s website content, I simply can’t since the administrator of is taking it too long to grant my request for a mySQL database. At any rate, I feel like I’m back to the early 90’s when I was still learning HTML coding. But thanks to available   website template, designing a site becomes an ease. With those templates, all you have to do is tinker with the code a bit to suit your preferences and presto, you have a nice and clean site.

At any rate, the ASLP site is on a temporary state, I hope I could make WordPress run into it in the near future. Or hopefully, the Association of Special Libraries of the Philippines’ Board decides to get their own domain and hosting package.

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