Club Madonna Philippines (CMP)

I first saw these guys being interviewed at one of the portions in myMYX. At first I couldn’t believe that there is an official group of Madonna fans in the Philippines. But when they started introducing the MTVs of Madonna with so much gusto and complete with trivial matters, there I believe that indeed, this group breathe and exhale everything Madonna.

Founded in 2003, Club Madonna Philippines is, 

“a group of smart and talented Filipino fans committed to support and to further promote the superb music as well as the artistic excellence of MADONNA, to the Filipino audience.”

Yes, this guys breathe and exhale everything about the pop diva who has captivated fans for almost 20 years now. I must admit that I was once of these fans. I was in High School when borderline was being played all over and over the local radio stations. If high school guys professes the spandau ballet-duran duran brand of music, high school girls were busy imitating and mimicking the madonna look and style.

Well so much for that bit of historical recount, ang going back to club madonna philippines. The group has its own sleek  and funky website. The flash introduction is very “madonnish”, and it really gives you the current Madonna outlook and musical style. Check out the Madonna Library  and enrich yourself with a lot of Madonna stuff.

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  1. Hello!

    This is Meister, the spokesman of Club Madonna Philippines.

    It’s a very heart-warming article that you’ve wrote. Good thing you were able to watch that MYX episode where our group was featured. Had you never watched the show, you may not have known us and our website. 🙂

    If you want to join our group just simply register at

    See you there!

    Club Madonna Philippines

  2. Hey Meister! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the invite as well.

    Cge, I will join your forum.

  3. ima member of clubmadonnaphilippines, for sure you’ve seen me interviewed when Myx had a Madonna day special! love Madonna forever, o had a chance to see her live in Tokyo for her confessions tour! she’s amazing! love her so much more!

  4. hi guys! i heard madge will do a concert here in manila this july…i hope its true…and by the way, how can i join club madonna philippines? thanks!=)

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