Wowowee Anniversary Stampede

Heard from the news this morning that 66 people were killed when a stampede happened at the ULTRA stadium, venue of the first anniversary presentation of popular noon time show Wowowee.

Wowowee is a very popular Philippine noon time show which showcase a million pesos pot to lucky studio audiences.  The show is very popular among Filipinos in the lower income bracket not because of  its host Willie Revillame who was recently appointed tourism envoy, nor because of its guests. It is very popular among the massess because it gives them a chance to win a million peso prize provided they are lucky enough.

And those 66 people who died this morning are probably among the many hopefuls. Hoping to improve their life if they win the prize. Hoping to forget about life’s adversities through cheap way of entertainment.  Hoping to join their “icon” Willie Revillame for an hour of so fun.

Unfortunately, one  of the people who was there has other things in mind and threw a prank by shouting “bomb!”. And that started the stampede.

What a sad event indeed.  I hope some lessons will be picked here especially by those who patronize the show and any other shows of that kind.

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