Libraries in Video Games

Another reason why I enjoyed playing Dragon Quest VIII in my sony playstation 2 console is the fact that it gives importance to books and libraries.

In the gameplay, checking out the bookshelves in every location that you visit is essential to learn new recipes for cooking up items in the alchemy pot. Once you checked the bookshelves and found a recipe, you can then search for the ingredients and combine them in the alchemy pot to come up with new better items. If you are an RPG gamer, you would know what I am talking about.

And in the storyline, one essential episode requires the main character to go into a library and actually research on something. The story will not progress, unless the main character do this task. What a neat way to insert the importance of libraries and books in a video game, right?

Now that libraries are incorporating video games in their collection,  game programmers ought to include libraries and books into their game design. This is an added awareness campaign for libraries especially nowadays when its value is slowly being neglected.

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