Dragon Quest VIII : Journey of the Cursed King (PS2)

I’m back to my old habit of  console gaming since I bought my Playstation 2 unit a few months ago (around November).  Since I bought my unit, I’ve only completed one game and that is the highly controversial Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas. Last week, I was planning to start playing its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto : Vice City, but decided to pop in the Dragon Quest cd instead. I wasn’t keen on devoting much time to this game. Based on my past gaming experience, RPGs (Role Playing Game)  take so much time and attention in order to appreciate them. And once you start a good game, you can’t stop from playing until you’ve finished it to the ending and even to its alternate ending if it has one.

The last game I played which  falls under the RPG realm is of course the top selling Final Fantasy X, which took hours and hours of my nights back then. It was produced by Squaresoft, the same company which produced Dragon Quest. And yes, like the other games in the Final Fantasy series, Dragon Quest is also a very nice game. It has an engaging and yet simple storyline, interesting characters, awesome visual effects and environment design. It is laden with fun and entertaining side quests and mini-games, and a simple and yet vast array of skill systems which your characters can learn and master. The “world environment” is simply huge and well crafted. It would entail hours and hours of searching for treasures and capturing monsters, leveling your characters up and learning devastating equipment skills.

I have yet to finish this game to its ending. I’ve got more hours to spend to finish all the quests. And I’m glad I decided to start this game first instead of GTA: Vice City. This game is simply awesome. I can’t wait to finish this game and start other games in the RPG category. In fact, I might get a copy of Final Fantasy X and start playing it again. What do you think  Watson?

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