Brokeback Mountain

Von posted something about Brokeback Mountain in his Filipino Librarian blog. Interestingly, I was planning to write about it as well,  as I had a chance to watch it twice this weekend (don’t ask me where and how?).

Brokeback Mountain garnered most of the awards in the Golden Globe Awards and it is expected to get more in the coming Oscars. Check out Von’s blog for more links to other information about the movie.

Meanwhile, here is what I can say about Brokeback Mountain. To summarize it I would say that, “it is an extraordinary story that happen to two ordinary men who met one summer while employed to herd sheeps at the exhilirating landscape of Brokeback Mountain, somewhere in Wyoming”. What happened during that summer changed their lives forever.

Ang Lee treated the subject in  a most delicate and tender manner. Knowing that it might spark intrigues and caused eyebrows to rise especially when it is released internationally, Ang Lee made it sure that the most of delicate scenes were handled in a most tasteful manner as possible. The movie’s melodramatic scenes were done in a not so melodramatic way and yet it managed to pull through with what it wants to solicit from those who are going to watch it.

For the past two hours and so, I was waiting for the ending of the movie. I was engaged in finding out  how  the story of the two men, who found friendship and love one summer, would come to an end. And Ang Lee made sure that I stay glued by making the flow of the story in a fluid manner. Of how, through the years, these two men have endured all the trials in their life and still end up longing for the company of each other everytime they are together.

Ok, I have to stop here so as not to spoil the story to others who have no watched it. The movie is a very good one, and I hope the people at our MTRCB would allow it to be shown in its entirety here in the Philippines. 

And yes, Heath Ledger did a fine job in his role as one of the two lead characters.

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