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If you are one of those who created a blog and still could not decide whether to forego your account because you don’t want to repost your entries, then the guys at has answered your problem.The dashboard facilities now enables you to migrate all your posts and comments by simply logging into your account via the interface, and in a few moments, all your entries are transferred. What a nifty tool to encourage more users of the wordpress MU platform. The tool also supports other blogging systems, such as Typepad and Movable Type.

I wonder when they are going to make an adjustment which I have been waiting for a long time now. And that is, template editing options. Wishing, wishing, wishing still.

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  1. Thanks for the information. There seems to be a never ending supply of great information on the net. I love learning new stuff, and will be back to read your posts regularly !! Thanks again 🙂

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    I feel i know more than i did 10 mins ago. Thanks

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