Jojo A. All the Way!

January 24, 2006 at 1:33 pm

Remember Jojo Alejar? He was among the many young talents who made their way into Philippines showbiz via the defunct afternoon teen show, That’s Entertainment on Channel 7.



He was among the talented members of that show. He could dance and sing as well. He was the 80’s Mr. Suave of Pinoy TV. With his signature black and white attire (black pants, black leather shoes and black coat topped on white polo). No, I’m not a fan. It just so happen that I chanced upon his TV show while channel surfing last Friday. The show aptly titled, Jojo A. All the Way, airs every Friday, around 8 pm. And what is it all about? Just think of Jay Leno and David Letterman’s show with a dash of Pinoy (corny, not jologs as jologs is a modern term, humour). With not-so-well-known showbiz neophytes as guests, the show could be both amusing and annoying at the same time. And yes, the show has a live band to provide some musical noise in the background. Senseless, shallow, slapsticks and what ever you may want to call it. Still the show could provide some few good laughs and is a good alternative  if there are no other interesting show in the other channels.

Jojo A. All the Way airs every Friday, 8 pmish, at RJ TV 29.

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