Why the Big Fuzz on the Pacquiao-Morales Boxing Match?

As of this early, Filipinos are eagerly awaiting the much awaited boxing match between the Philippines’ very own Manny Pacquiao and Mexican Erik Morales. Somehow I could understand the reason behind ABS-CBN’s promotional campaign fo rthe fight. The more people gets to watch it, more bucks for the network of course as soon as they air the fight come Sunday. But what I really don’t get it is a line in their news which says something like…”a fight with not only’ the boxer’s reputation  at stake but their country’s pride as well…” Huh? Is this the olympics or the SEA Games? If I understand it correctly, these two boxers are fighting for the prize money and the title in whatever boxing division they both belong. It’s just one of those boxing fights where one needs to get beaten up in order for the other to win. If there is one thing that is at stake here more than the their country’s pride, it’s the boxing promoters money and resources. And that promoter as of this moment is already laughing his way to the bank because of the success and attention that the match is getting as early as now.

Forgive me, boxing afficionados. I like boxing as a sports, I admire Pacquiao’s boxing prowess, but I just don’t like the bruhaha that people (Filipinos in particular) are creating over this fight.

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