Yet Another Post on Library 2.0

In “Let’s Make Libraries Better, OK?”, Meredith Farkas of Information Wants to Be Free sums up what librarians need to do in the midst of the ongoing debate about the Library 2.0, and that is to serve our library patrons better. This is after all, the very reason why we librarians exist. To serve our library users. And our users don’t really care whether we are proponents of the Library 2.0 or we don’t know anything about it. For as long as we can provide excellent library services to our library users, that’s the bottomline of it all. And Meredith suggested some things that we need to do to serve our patrons better. One of her suggestion was – Make our website usable and useful. This got my attention because I was recently asked to comment/give suggestions on the soon to be relaunching  of our library’s website. Much as I would like to post my comments/disagreements on our library’s website, I fear that I might put my position in jeopardy. But I did gave a few suggestions and comments which I hope they would consider. Although I’m not counting on it.

At any rate, read Meredith’s posts. Her suggestions are great and pretty sum up what librarians ought to be doing nowadays to provide better library services.

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