X-men 3 Welcomes Psylocke

As of this early, comic fan boys are eagerly awaiting the release of the third installment of the X-men movie series. Scheduled to be shown in May 2006, X-men3 will once again pit our favorite friendly mutants under the tuttelage of Professor X againts the Brotherhood led by Magneto. All the previous mutants featured in the first two films are back plus some new mutants appearing for the first time. One of these new characters is Psylocke who is played by Philippine born actress, Meiling Melancon. Wow! A Filipina actress in an X-men movie? That got me excited. I immediately googled her name but I couldn’t find any biographical account about her. The best I could find were press releases which says, “Filipina actress” or  “Philippines born actress”. Melancon’s previous holywood movie appearance was in rush hour 2 which was directed by X-men3 director Bret Ratner.

At any rate, X-men 3 is still one of the movies to watch out for this year, and if Meiling Melancon is indeed a Filipina, then another reason for Filipinos to be proud of and to support the movie. But wait, have we not done so in every Hollywood blockbuster movie?

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  1. well, she can still be filipina though. melancon doesn’t seem to be a french surname, nor is it japanese or chinese. a lot of filipinos come from chinese, spanish, american, japanese et.al. descents. and i think she won’t be introduced as a “Filipina actress” if she isn’t filipina at all..hope she is really a Filipina, that would give pride to the country. Another Filipino making it outside the Phils.. Ãœ

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