White Paper on Library 2.0

TALIS, a leading provider of products and services in libraries in UK and Ireland, released a white paper on “Do Libraries Matter : The Rise of Library 2.0”. From the executive summary, the paper says:

The libraries information provider crown is slipping. Justifiably or not, today libraries are increasingly viewed as outdated, with modern, Internet-based services, such as Amazon and Google, looking set to inherit the throne.

And in order to survive, libraries must answer the demand to change.

The library must also evolve and begin to deliver its services in the ways that its modern users expect.

The white paper gives the a very good context of the Library 2.0 phenomenon, a view on the principles of the Library 2.0 concept and what it actually means to libraries and library services.

The paper is a recommended reading, especially if you have read or you are planning to read the OCLC report on the Perception of Libraries and Information Resources.

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