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At last! After almost two days of trying to upload and install wordpress in this hosting site, and at the same time tinkering with the cpanel of this site, I finally made it! Home at last. My own domain name, graciously hosted by master Yuga himself. Thank you!

Whew! I didn’t know that installing wordpress is that difficult. I kinda miss those free hosting sites, blogsome.com and wordpress.com, where all you have to do is modify your template then publish it and presto! Your blog’s online.

But this time, I had to go through the tedious process of installing wordpress, creating mySQL database, modifying configurations, etc. For those you whose have their own blog (not on a sub-sub-domain), you know what I’m talking about.

What have I learn from this exercise? A lot! cpanel, mysql, some simple techie stuff.

Well, enough of this blabbering and on with the show. What’s in store in this blog? Blog hop once in a while to find out. Of course, this blog’s main dish would still be the profession I’ve grown to love through the years — Librarianship and a little dash of everything that interests me.

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  1. Well, OK! This looks great, Gary!

    I am very new to blogs, having used them just a couple of times with students who were already accustomed to writing in them.

    But I am excited at the possibility that this medium could help us share lessons, ideas, and materials after MyGateway goes down.

    Let’s hear from others.


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