Catalog Your Books Online with Library Thing

Want to catalog your personal collection of books and share your list to friends and other people? You can do so with the use of the Library Thing (Beta), “an online service to help people catalog their books easily, find people with similar libraries, get suggestions from people with your tastes and so forth.”

I signed up for a free account to test and explore it. If you are a not a librarian, you would definitely embrace the idea and would start cataloging your books. But being a cataloger by profession, I have some reservation regarding the concept though. Library Thing could be simply describe as Friendster via Books. It is a social networking tools. And as such anybody can use it. It is therefore tantamount to saying that anybody can be a cataloger.

But then not. Cataloging is not simply publishing a certain collection of books, assigning a randomly selected uncontrolled tags to identify it and publishing it online via an online software.

Cataloging is a process. It involves more than describing and tagging a book. It is an analytical process that adheres to international standards and guidelines.

Library Thing is a good social networking service. It’s fun and it’s helpful. Use it if you must.

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