Ultra Electro Magnetic Jam

For the past several days, I have been convincing myself whether to shell out a few hundred bucks to buy this compilation of Eraserheads songs performed by various artists, or the solo album of Freestyle’s Jinky Vidal. But when I read Zarah’s review of the album, I finally succumbed to the call of collegiate music as inspired by the Eraserheads.

Ultra Electro Magnetic JamYes, like Zarah, I am a big fan of the Eheads. I love their songs, the mundane lyrics and the upbeat tempo. I love the way their songs voiced out the simplicity of life. The way their songs echo the youth’s angst ridden sentiments towards love, life and ligaya.

I was hoping to reminisce the old Eheads days as I listen to the album. And the first track, which happens to be one of my old time favorite Eheads songs (first being Shake Yer Head), succeeded in doing that. Thought the first note was definitely different from the original, the difference completely vanished when the vocalist started crooning the song. For awhile I thought it was Ely Buendia rendering a new version of the song. But it was the band 6 Cycle Mind. Aside from this track, the remaining tracks and their corresponding artists have succeeded in putting fresher flavor to the other Eraserheads song such as, Barbie Almalbis’ Overdrive, Imago’s Spolarium, Kitchie Nadal’s Ligaya, Orange and Lemons’ Huwag Kang Matakot, and Radioactive Sago Project’s Alcohol.

So, what happens to the other tracks. In my opinion, they were sacrilegiously redone. These were, Paolo Santos’s Magasin, South Border’s With A Smile, Isha’s Torpedo (the song does not fit a woman’s perspectives), Francis M’s Superproxy2K6, Spongee Cola’s Pare Ko, Rico J’s Maling Akala and most especially M.Y.M.P.’s Huwag mo ng Itanong (honestly, I don’t know what were they thinking when they revived this song?)

It’s a good thing the album ended up with Para Sa Masa as performed by all the artists (ala We Are The World style). Indeed, the album was for the masses as it took out the distinct novelty of the Eraserheads ‘ music.

Should you buy the album? Of course, it’s OPM. And the least we can do to help in uplifting the Philippine music industry is by patronizing these local bands.

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